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Painters Alderley

Your Trusted Local Painters in Alderley

Our painters in Alderley ensure you get the best value for your money. With years of experience in the industry, our team emphasises quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We know that a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to make your property look new. You can increase your home’s curb appeal and protect it from weather elements through a professional paint job. For this reason, we go above and beyond to offer the highest quality paint job. Our painters will cover all bases to meet your needs.

HLR Painting Co was established two years ago to provide world-class painting services to residential, corporate, and commercial clients. We provide our clients with dustless sanding, extraction systems, modern colour schemes, and colour consultancies. Our painters strive to provide the best painting procedures to meet your needs. We are the team to call whether you have a minor job or a significant painting project.

Painters Alderley
Painters Alderley

Get Affordable Services from Our Painters in Alderley

Getting your property painted is an investment. Our painters in Alderley will not only enhance your property’s beauty but also guarantee that their quality paint will protect your building from corrosion and damage. Our team specialise in the following services;

●       Interior and exterior
●       Colour Consultation
●       New build
●       Spray painting
●       Roof Restoration
●       Pressure cleaning
●       Rust treatments
●       Renovations

We begin by sanding all surfaces to be painted and do dustless sanding when possible. Our painters use premium primers and paints and apply two or three coats for a quality finish. We also use conventional brush and roller systems on all surfaces and premium spray finish to skirtings, architraves, and door packages. Our team can help you with rust management services using two-pack epoxy paint. We will ensure your property is rust-free to minimise degradation. We offer 5-year workmanship and manufacturer warranties. Talk to us today to revitalise your property.

Work with Passionate and Experienced Painters in Alderley

Professional painting is more than applying a coat of paint to your property’s exterior or interior. The process involves many steps, like preparing the surface, choosing paints and colours, and options for premium finishing. Our Alderley painters provide a comprehensive service that includes everything you need for a quality paint job. We base our colour consultation on your desired scheme and interior furnishings. Our painters offer three or four sample pots to help you see how your surface will look. You can also use a colour consultant or interior designer, depending on your needs.

We encourage our clients to consult with our professionals when they have a paint job. We will ensure you purchase high-quality paint that will serve you for years and enhance your property’s beauty. Our painters have worked on many painting projects and have what it takes to meet and exceed your expectations. Please look at our previous projects to see our difference.

Let our painters in Alderley help transform or update your home or commercial space with unmatched painting services. Call us today to discuss your project.

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